Wednesday, February 9, 2011

29 Days to Save Money and Achieve Financial Independence by Richard Fast

29 Days to Save Money and Achieve Financial Independence. Richard Fast. June 2010. 294 pages. ISBN No. 9780986537738. Available online at:

"The ultimate purpose of the 29 DAYS programs (this is one) is permanent change. Permanent change can only be achieved by changing your deepest thoughts." But whereas we are all very good at saying we want permanent change, our steps usually don't proceed from simple, small steps, and that is one reason we fail. Richard Fast offers a program for those who really want to be financially independent and are tired of living on a financial edge, especially in these very difficult financial times!

Fast helps the reader to analyze his or her habits, attitudes toward change, and perceptions about success. Yes, patience and perseverance are key elements that will help achieve this goal, but these won't work unless one copes with the fears one has about both one's failures and successes. Instead of self-criticism and commands, the author helps the reader ask the types of questions that guarantee one can begin to implement changes to achieve one's successful financial goal - that is a gem so many can absorb through the habitual hardwired thoughts that doom goals to failure before they even begin.

Along with this book comes access to an on-line coach to support you in your progress through the 29 days. Week one is all about committment to the goal and changing limiting habits and beliefs, week to getting ready for practical action, week three moves one into the zone of wanting that action and coming up with ideas and ways that work, and four implementing actions that day by day will become like new habits leading to those desired permanent results.

The remainder of the book takes one through a day-by-day process that this reviewer thinks is chock full of stories, advice, and practical financial advice, things like leasing versus buying, reconciling my needs and wants with my real net income,and so much more. Yes, "Awareness is Vital to Fundamental Change."

So if you're tired of living with never knowing where the next dollar is coming from, or spending habits that test your actual income to the limit, and other aspects that drive individuals and couples into so much unnecessary disharmony, this is the book you need to purchase. This reviewer doesn't normally like books like this; but I highly recommend this text for readers of all ages.

And if you like this text, there are other 29 Days books for other life scenarios offering a new, productive way to live. Start here - it will be worth every penny spent! Very nice job, Richard Fast!!!

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