Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Law Against Love Anthology

No Law Against Love Anthology by Leanne Burroughs, DeborahAnne MacGillivray, M. J. Sager, Kemberlee Shortland, Kristi Ahlers, Cissy Hassell, Diane Davis White, Rekhar Ambardar, Michelle Scaplen and Jacquie Rodgers. Highland Press, January 1, 2006, ISBN #0974624934.

This wonderful collection of contemporary and historical romantic stories was written to raise money in the Fight Against Breast Cancer, a cause motivating both authors and readers to give their very best creative efforts. Seventeen authors have accomplished just that in twenty-four exciting stories, each one based on a current or obsolete law in various locales throughout the world. The laws are comic, but the highlights of this anthology include romance and strongly plotted tales to please every reader's taste.

Here's a few snippets of what awaits your fascinating read:

Watch with glee as Katlyn Mackenzie plots to snare her neighborly masculine "hunk" - with the collaboration of her feisty feline friend.

Ah, what would a collection of romance tales be without a damsel in distress, who turns from a chaste and pure lady of an earlier age to one willing to break several nasty and sweet laws to escape a "would-be" gold digger.

Meet Sadie, a novice angel in heaven, who's got one more chance to become a permanent angel (with wings) if she can provide the courage to a woman who is wishing for the perfect, loving partner. The perfect partner? Hmm..

Or consider the deal that two friends shake hands on - marry this woman for six months (and stay in the marriage no matter what happens) and one of the partners will sign over an entire partnership to the winner. Doomed to disaster, think you?

Perhaps some more historical characters appeal to you. Join Pam and Hank who agree to dress as historical figures (but in the opposite sex's clothing) for a charity costume contest. What will happen when they meet, only to discover they are past, hurting lovers?

Disease, tigers and elephants, jail, rigid societal rules, cherry pie, ice cream, previous marriage agreements, murder, trashing book reviews and arrows shot in the heart, tattoos, oh so much kissing, assault and the law, loss, a reality TV situation, a mysterious disappearance, a pickle-making contest, panthers and mysterious injected chips of the future, a family feud, and the longings of a young widow people throng these pages with spicy, hot romance; comical scenes at every turn, and so much more.

What unites all of these very talented fictional tales is the mystery and magic of LOVE - a love each author here shares in the hope that others may continue to share the same through your purchase of this REMARKABLY MARVELOUS COLLECTION! ENJOY EACH AND EVERY STORY - LOVELY AND WELL-DONE!

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