Friday, July 2, 2010

The Blue Crystal by Melissa Bowersock

The Blue Crystal by Melissa Bowersock. New Moon Publishing. 2009. ISBN #:9781448611089

Jared has grown up fast after his father is gored to death by the evil Mal-Zor's monster-like drogue creatures. Quickly recognizing his responsibilities, he takes up his father's farming role, only to be devastated one evening when he returns to find his home destroyed and his mother weeping because his brother and sister have been kidnapped to serve as slaves in Mal-Zor's crystal caves. Despite knowing he has no chance at fighting the evil King's formidable soldiers and drogues, he vows to free his siblings and departs to accomplish the impossible!

The rest of this journey is an epic journey as Jared acquires the mythical companions of a halfling Igli, a volpine (lion-like) cub, and eventually a young lady (Searis) with magical powers. His companions and the magical creatures who advise him along the journey believe he is the "One" who will free the land of Zor from its King who unjustly deprived the real King from his inheritance. So many hidden guards and creatures await the promised One and are willing to help Jared, but he is quite focused on only freeing his brothers and sisters, exhibiting a courage and determination that everyone but him realizes is what is required for the formidable task of overcoming the hateful Mal-Zor and his wizard, Garth, who hopes his magical birds and other magical plans will bring victory and guarantee the safety of his own skin.

The key to it all is a powerful weapon called the Blue Crystal, but Jared and his friends must overcome many battles and life-threatening, hair-raising attacks plus a long, grueling journey before they arrive at the place where the final battle will conclude with ultimate freedom or death.

Melissa Bowersock's writing skills have substantially grown and The Blue Crystal is a fine fantasy tale full of terror, thrills and wisdom necessary to complete the quest of a hero who is willing to face death in order that freedom will prevail over the darkest evil schemes of a greedy, cruel tyrant!

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