Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Closer You Get: A Novel by Mary Torjussen

The Closer You Get: A Novel. Mary Torjussen. She Writes Press. April 21, 2020. pb, 368 pp.; ISBN #: 9781984804587.

Ruby leaves her husband, Tom, on a Friday night.  She’s uptight about it but determined!  She’s determined and he’s cooperative.  But she’s in for a shock when she gets to her hotel and her lover, Danny, doesn’t show up.  It gets worse when on Monday she discovers she’s got no job.

As the story is told from two points of view, Ruby’s and Emma’s (the wife of Danny) one begins to find feelings of compassion for Ruby.  But really?  Tom is sending her notes throughout the weekend including that he’s left her some extra money in her bank account.  Really?  She doesn’t respond and say thanks until later but isn’t this the opposite of what you’d expect?

Emma is interested in breaking this woman who doesn’t think twice about breaking up a marriage.  She even says it, so we think it’s her when the notes and follow through, things start happening.  It’s a good premise, really, except are you sure? 

The notion that she’s now single and is being stalked isn’t so far from reality.  She certainly deserves no less, doesn’t she?  Pages and pages follow filled with elements of this stalking and she’s no less than one very afraid woman.

Anyway, she’s out of a job and heck, out of everything.  Now she’s being stalked.  There are notes that someone is leaving in her hallway and phone messages.  Who’s behind this?  You may think you’ve got this figured out but you’ll be wrong.

For a “who done it?” it’s a thriller.  By the end of the novel, you’ll wonder who is the stalker and who’s out for Ruby?   Interesting read and recommended!

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