Thursday, April 5, 2018

Misfortune of Song: Druid's Brooch Series #5 by Christy Nicholas

·         Misfortune of Song: Druid’s Brooch Series #5. Christy Nicholas. Tirgearr Publishing. Copyright April 2018. pb.  257 pp.; ASIN B079VHSGMH. 

Orlagh is the apple of her grandfather, Maelan’s eye.  They live in Ceann-Coradh, near Cill Dalua, Hibernia, a place where love and obedience to the law of the clan is everything.  Melan believes Orlagh has a warrior spirit and admires her spunkiness, that is until she catches the eye of a visiting bard, Temuirr, a man who sings and plays the harp as beautifully as a dream.  At first it’s just flirting but they come close to consummating their love.  Orlagh then commits an act that will make her shed tears for years!

Now in the middle of all this passion bursting out, severing and binding family, friends and those of far-off clans, we have the “Fae” or fairies living alongside humans.  They are virtuous and evil and they have great powers; however, some of these powers need human cooperation.  Only a certain metal can keep the evil Fae from attacking humans; but once one has earned the devotion of the virtuous, devoted Fae, a bond of the deepest love and care endures whatever challenges arrive. 

Temuirr and Orlagh marry and passionately enjoy their early life together, that is until Orlagh discovers that Temuirr has lovers in every town he has ever visited.  Instead of leaving the past behind, this knowledge begins to break their infatuation, especially for Orlagh. 

Without spoiling a roller-coaster ride plot, suffice to say Orlagh is captured by her grandfather but pursued by her husband.  A viciously violent battle follows with evil powers of the Fae but the loyal Fae help end this horrific clash with the humans victorious – almost!  A magic brooch leaves both Maelan and later Orlagh with amazing supernatural powers!

This is an amazing, almost legend-like, story that is initially light reading but which turns into a huge conflict in which sacrifices are made, the price of deeply loving and protecting those who are loved!  Passion in song, dialogue, and nature abounds in these pages.  Readers who love Celtic history and legends, as well as a rollicking romance and adventure, will find Misfortune of Song… a delightful experience.  Nicely crafted with tremendous imagination and passion!

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