Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blindsided by Louise Henry

Blindsided. Louise Henry. Black Ink Romance. December 2017. 192 pp. ASIN#: BO77WRRMYB.

Sophie Campbell is very good at her job of being Chief Communications Officer at City Hall.  She would love to get the job of managing City Hall but that notion disappears when Marcus, a drop-dead-gorgeous guy, gets the position. 

Add to it that Sophie’s mother is heavily into drinking and bugging Sophie about everything under the sun.  Marcus and Sophie are a pleasure to read about as they have a true love (physically) – hate (cutting conversation remarks or responses) relationship.  The dislike actually blinds them to seeing the great qualities each has for the position they occupy. 

Now, the most unlikely of plots ensues.  Marcus had broken off his engagement before he came to City Hall.  Now it turns out that Sophie’s mother is reuniting with her other daughter whom she hasn’t seen in years.  Add Sophie couldn’t care less and wishes she never had to meet her long-lost sister.  Oh, the surprises get better when Marcus realizes that Sophie’s sister, Veronica, is his ex-fiancĂ©.  And Sophie’s Mom couldn’t be more endearing toward all.

Sophie, after enduring all she can, toughens up after one brief fling with Marcus.  The future is highly questionable; However, Sophie manages to handle her mother, Veronica, Marcus and even her best friend so they understand she is in control of her own life and is not surrendering it to them when she does occasionally ask for help. 

A lovely romance develops after some deserved snap and crackle conversations and too many misunderstandings and exposed secrets.  While the coincidence of Veronica strains credibility quite a bit, it still holds and doesn’t really become the mainstay of the conflict.

Sophie is a spunky, competent gal with just enough lusty femininity to make a romance work well.  Nicely crafted and recommended for a satisfying romance read!

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