Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The View From Prince Street: Alexandra Novel by Mary Ellen Taylor

The View from Prince Street: Alexandra Novel (Alexandria Series). Mary Ellen Taylor. Berkley. January 2016. 352 pp.  ISBN#: 9780425278263. 

A vicious car accident kills Rae McDonald’s sister, and Rae is horribly scarred from this devastating loss. So much does it affect her that after beginning and ending a relationship she finds she’s pregnant and actually gives up the child for adoption because she cannot deal with the fact that she could lose someone precious again.  But this very rational act actually has dire consequences as Rae is haunted by who that son is with, what he’s like, and what are the parents like who adopted him.  She constantly imagines what it would be like if she were to find the adopted parents and tell them she wants her child back again and continues to fantasize about such a scene though logic tells her it’s an extremely improbable scene.

Now Lisa Smyth appears, a woman who was also in the crash and who has a secret to which she will not admit. 

Both of these women are living now in Alexandria, Virginia exploring some family artifacts of interest to those with a historian’s predilection.  The search brings out the history behind some witch glasses.  These are glasses with certain ingredients inside them that when combined creates a curse against enemies.  There are also rocks that were part of the fireplace which were given away and one returned; those rocks are said to hold a spell of protection for whoever resides in the home.  The long history said to derive from those original settlers who came from England to the shores of America is still present and actively present in spirit form, affecting the lives of those who honor the presence of these relics of colonial life.

In the course of accepting these events and the dangerous scenes that naturally and suspiciously follow, Alexandra and Lisa rise above their greatest fears to discover some redeeming and freeing truths that will dramatically change the future.

The View from Prince Street… is thrilling reading with a cover that equally parallels the thrills and reflections of its brilliant plot.  A very different, mysterious new story from this talented writer – which this reviewer recommends as a great read!

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