Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart

The Newsmakers.  Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart. Thomas Nelson, Inc.  January 2016. 352 pp.  ISBN#: 9780718037673.

Jettisoned!  That’s how Erika Sparks’ news anchor job is progressing!  She’s finally made it to the big time at a cable news network that is also working its way upward.  Her background is wounded and her daughter has become a stranger to her; Erika’s goal is to establish herself financially so that her daughter can become a meaningful part of life again.  She knows that fame can be disastrous if one forgets from where one began, and she’s determined to grow into her position but keep her head on straight in more ways than one.  However, circumstances will test her resolutions in several ways!

To begin with, Erika happens to be in place when a disastrous ferry accident causes numerous deaths and injuries.  She attempts to save the life of one of the victims and the pictures of her desperately working over this woman plus her own coverage propel her to be covered on every news channel, including CNN.  She becomes famous almost overnight. 

Then a potential Presidential hopeful nominee, Kay Barrish, has a heart attack and Erika again attempt CPR to save the life of this brilliant and well-respected woman. All of a sudden, the previously scornful owner of Erika’s news program is promoting her, although someone else had attempted to steal the limelight from Erika.  Add to that her supervisor, Greg Underwood, is showing romantic interest in Erika.

It’s all rather overwhelming, but Erika is still holding on to her level presence and is even planning on her daughter’s first visit.  However, something strange comes to her attention, the possibility that the ferry accident was caused deliberately.  Her independent investigation reveals something startling and frightening, something that gradually reveals a horrific connection.

The Newsmakers is a nail-biting crime novel with a very credible plot that promises fame and success to several people, Erika included, but which should not happen because of its unnatural evolution.  Erika is a skilled, spunky character who deserves every ounce of her success but who is humble enough to know that the nefarious plans of a certain person must be stymied now before it runs out of control and causes more tragedies at the expense of innocent victims.  Highly recommended reading and kudos to the authors for a mystery, criminal story that says a great deal about integrity and injustice – all for a goal that is highly questionable!

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