Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What the Future Holds by Joan Fleming

What the Future Holds.  Joan Fleming. Tirgearr Publishing.  June 2014. 145 pp., 1292 KB. ASIN No.: B00LEWCJO8.

Amy Wilson loves her cottage on the island of Mull in Scotland.  She’s an accomplished accountant, has a boyfriend Matt, has a good relationship with her colleagues at work, has caring friends and all in all is content with life.  Now all of a sudden she receives a packet that was hand-delivered which describes a potential building project of a holiday resort that would spoil her view and she believes wreck what is a historical site of great value.

Worse is the realization that the person directing the project is a relative.  The story is really relatively straight-forward involving feuding relatives over a strip of land that one used without the other’s permission, but the attempt to end the feud by a relative on his deathbed has so far failed to produce the desired result.

Add to the mix a change in Amy’s job situation and the looming demise of her love (or lack thereof) life with Matt and you have the perfect combination for a mix of chaos that makes it hard for Amy to make any decision at all about any of her problems. 

Amy meets Sandy, someone she admired when she was much younger, and their attempt to have serious conversations about the holiday resort go nowhere.  This at first is intriguing but then with too much repetition of “Will you listen to me?” becomes annoying.  However, the charm Sandy exudes enables the reader to bypass the conflict part of their encounters and eagerly await the unfolding of the full family story and Sandy’s real feelings about a resort and Amy.

What the Future Holds is a quick read.  What is even more endearing within the plot are the cultural portions of the novel that describe dances, parties and more about Scotland.  The author excels here and makes the reader want to visit this island to partake of its quaint customs and food. That and the beautiful descriptions of the land on Mull Island and the views of the Abbey and more are intriguing and appealing.  Joan Fleming is a romance writer for sure and one who has a unique flair for her homeland Scotland. Nicely crafted romance, indeed!

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