Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thank You for the Music by Jennifer Young

Thank You for the Music.  Jennifer Young. Tirgearr Publishing. February 2014. 267 pp. E-Book. ISBN #: 978131180032; ASIN #: B00I9G169G.

Abbie Mortimer is reeling!  She’s just lost her father to death.  Her boyfriend, Edward, tells her she’s spent too much time with her family while her father was dying and confesses he’s met someone else. Double whammy!  Absolutely overwhelmed, she knows she needs to get away and so decides to visit her sister, Liv and her husband Robert, who run a hotel in Majorca.  Abbie is very good at graphic design work and has always loved her hobby – singing in amateur musical shows locally.  But right now all she wants is some peace and quiet and a chance to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, without Edward!

Abbie quickly fits into the hectic schedule at the hotel and yet finds some time to relax, taking walks along the beautiful beach.  But peace seems to elude Abbie quickly as she agrees to help the hotel business by singing in their bar during the evenings.  She and Rafa, the piano player, aka lawyer who resigned from the family business, don’t really hit it off at first.  Abbie seems to be flustered easily and really doesn’t sing her best except when she performs songs from hits like Cabaret.  Rafa is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy and Abbie is obviously leery about any relationship.  Rocky road indeed!

Here is where the novel takes off like a jet and you’ll have to read it to enjoy the quickly escalating complexities of what follows.  Suffice to say a jealous and not so talented singer decides to make some trouble, a “star” maker tries to get Rafa and Abbie to a future together, Edward arrives with a bossy but penitent attitude, some family problems erupt and much, much more!

While the beginning of this swiftly paced story is rather slow, the remainder of it leaps and bounds with different twists and turns.  Abbie is a spunky character who’s not laying down for long and Rafa is tantalizingly elusive to make the reader want to see just how he’ll turn out. 

Thanks for the Music is a rapid read that will please and engage all romance fiction fans – would make a neat movie as well!  Nicely crafted, Jennifer Young!

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