Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spiral: Book One of The Spiral in Time by Judith Schara

Spiral: Book One of The Spiral in Time. Judith Schara. Periplus Publisher. March 2014. 452 pp.  Amazon ASIN #: B00IZHVG1C.

A group of dedicated New Druids meet on an ancient hill fort that is believed to be sacred. They meet at night and are about to bury who they believe to be Merlin, an ancient Druid, on this special hill.  One of them, however, has a more sinister plan in mind and causes great harm to himself after a tremendous explosion. Their secret mission is now public knowledge and immediately grabs the attention of professional archeologists and historical societies because bones other than the one the group decided to bury are discovered.

Germaine O’Neill is an archaeologist who hopes to make a discovery that will clinch her tenure in a highly competitive field, especially as her supervisor would prefer to see her removed – the old “old boy’s club” scenario.  She and her mentor are excited to see what lies beneath the bones that were found, along with several ancient artifacts.  Due to illness, Germaine’s now on her own and is about to undergo a phenomenal journey.

As she travels downward into the hole at the site, she falls and realizes she’s discovered what is clearly an ancient burial site.  She has heard voices at the most inopportune times and has several times experienced strangely tingling feelings that seem dark and frightening.

After the minor collapse of the walls around her, Germaine is knocked out and wakes up as a 5th Century woman, Sabrann ap Durot, and her wild journey to the city of Carthage as this lady makes for some hair-raising, page-flipping, intense reading!  For those fascinated with the ancient past, sacred rites, the vicissitudes that could make one man free and the next a slave, and so much more fill these pages. 

In the modern setting, there are some shady doings that could jeopardize the new discoveries and Germaine’s life as well.  Love and sacrifice in the past may just create a brand new independent future for Germaine or perhaps something else may emerge.  This is a paranormal work of historical fiction that is non-stop thrilling and fascinating as well.  Very nicely written, Ms. Schara!

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