Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gracie (Women and War Book 1) by Ellie Keaton

Gracie (Women and War Book 1).  Ellie Keaton. Amazon Digital. 2014. 183 pp.  ASIN#: B00JOWF2GW.

Grace is a strong woman determined to support her family and friends during the shocking days of WWII.  At first the preparation for the war seems like a block party, but that quickly changes to trying to shore each other up when the bombs begin to fall. 

The men in Grace’s world are all aflutter in their desire to join in the war effort, including Charlie, a man who is determined to marry Grace.  Her parents, however, know what war is and force the young couple to wait a year. In that time span, the war changes everything.  Charlie’s passion for flying turns into serving with the Royal Air Force, and his service makes the realities of war all too harsh as young men begin dying and leaving behind so many grieving families and lovers.

To say more would be a spoiler and we can’t have that.  Suffice to say Grace will get more involved in the war effort.  Gracie is a nice read that repeats the story told so often, especially more so in the last few years in novel form.  One never gets tired of hearing about young love enhanced by separation and the fear of final partings, and Gracie fills that form quite nicely.

The unique qualities of this particular novel include many descriptions of what these young pilots experienced as they got to engage in their great love of flying but also what they faced as they were attacked and watched friends shot down or disappear to who knows what end in death or the unknown world of prisoners of war.  Gracie’s parents know what war is like, and their fears are palatable and wise as they wish Gracie and Charlie to avoid unnecessary sorrow in the future.

Nicely done, Ellie Keaton – a quick and engaging work of romance and historical fiction!

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