Saturday, May 31, 2014

Treading on Dreams by Jeff Gardiner

Treading on Dreams.  Jeff Gardiner. Tirgearr Publishing.  March 2014. 195 pp., 1711 KB. ASIN No.: B00J4Z63PI.

Danny is totally “gone over” his housemate Selena, who is engaged to a hyper-religious minister, Melvin.  It’s hard to believe but Melvin strikes Danny as the most perfect human specimen any woman would be glad to adore.  But the problem remains that Danny adores her more, more than he Melvin does – at least that’s what Danny thinks. 

Jaz, Danny’s friend, has a reputation as a womanizer, and while Danny likes his friend, respect initially is not part of the picture.  Then Jaz introduces Danny to a wild world of drugs, booze and rock ‘n roll that Danny totally embraces and learns quickly to love.  Selena is trying hard to get Danny “saved,” but so far Danny feels if he can’t have her he surely doesn’t want her mercy or salvation.

The picture is about to dramatically change with the illness of a certain character which in turn will cause a dramatic change in Danny.  Sounds wonderful but it has its share of painful moments, a costly price for a different kind of salvation. At the same time, things are looking rather bleak for our perfect couple.  Where will it all end, with it seeming as if each character loves the wrong person, only to be left dealing with unrequited love.  The journey is intriguing and Jeff Gardiner depicts it with adept skill!
Treading on Dreams is an engaging, fast-paced story that defies prediction and yet has just enough intrigue and romance to totally thrill every reader!  

One must battle perfection to grow up and deserve true love! Nicely done, indeed, Jeff Gardiner!

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