Thursday, March 27, 2014

Death is Overrated: A Mystery by Jeffrey Perren

Death is Overrated: A Mystery.  Jeffrey Perren. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. August 2013. 304 pp. ISBN#: 9781491275443.

Professor Thomas Payne looks down at a body that other people are claiming is him – a very dead man with brutal marks that indicate foul play!  The more Payne insists the body is not him, the more he seems to be getting himself into deeper trouble.  He is taken to the local jail and the inquiring police officer believes he is the murderer, albeit the fact that missing evidence is all that questions Payne’s guilt.

A meeting with the Police Captain’s daughter, Terri, seems like oil and water that simply will not mix; however, she seems to trust him enough to quietly arrange for his release from jail and that enables him to begin the search for the unknown murderer.

The betrayal of a colleague follows with destruction and theft; but it turns out that there is someone behind these actions who is even more deadly.  Add to that puzzle that Payne’s father, a former Quaker, is looking for Payne.  Sounds innocent enough, right?  It’s not.

Terri’s father is a tough, competent detective, who is willing to give Payne the benefit of the doubt but will leave his guilt or innocence an open question.  In the meantime, Payne and Terri will be frustrated by a gauntlet of misunderstandings and missed meetings to contend with in spite of their growing feelings about each other.

Death is Overrated is a superb mystery that will engage every reader with its numerous twists and turns.  The capacity for evil has no boundaries but the perseverance and integrity of better characters as well as the physical and mental tests arising on every page of this novel proves the better human beings.  Great read!

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