Saturday, December 14, 2013

Perfect Timing: A Novel by Laura Spinella

Perfect Timing: A Novel.  Laura Spinella. Penguin Group (USA). November 2013. 384 pp. pbk. ISBN #: 9780425267301.

Isabel Lang’s best friend is Aidan Roycroft, a musically talented heart-throb whose reputation is definitely pegged as “love ‘em and leave ‘em.”  As a matter of fact in the beginning of this tale, Aidan has just dumped a girl in the most public fashion possible and received an rsvp of a huge smack in the face.  The reader then follows the story to the background of Isabel and Aidan’s friendship occurring at a time when they really trusted, needed and always hung out with each other. The story of their families is far from endearing, actually making it easier for them to depend on each other and only on each other. It was a safe world, as long as Isabel reminded herself that she was never going to be like “them,” meaning those Aidan had left like so much debris being thrown away.

Now, just when Isabel and Aidan are beginning to see each other with new eyes, a violent event happens, an act is totally twisted by the perpetrator, and the couple are forced to flee to Las Vegas.  No, the story doesn’t end happily ever after at this point.  Instead Isabel becomes one of “them,” but not because of Aidan’s choice at all.  So, as a strong woman Isabel sets her sights on a new future, one without Aidan.

Isabel, seven years later, is running a radio station that’s about to undergo a revolutionary change, given the fierce competition for listeners with Internet and satellite radio being top or prime musical sites.  Isabel is forced to come up with a pivotal change, a command performance that will move her station’s prime status to the top. Everything has a cost and Isabel is about to pay big time!

To say more would spoil a neat story that is credible, sincere, stunning and passionate.  Justice is served in some cases, although late in the offering for several people in Isabel and Aidan's lives! Yessss!  Laura Spinella has created a tale that is replete with a good plot, some unusual twists and turns, and a sexy, flawed but totally attractive male character whose heart has always been fiercely held in the heart of one solid but unsure gal.  Nicely done, Laura Spinella!

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  1. Many thanks for the terrific review! So glad you enjoyed PERFECT TIMING! Happy Holidays!