Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stones Data: Book One by Jacob Whaler

Stones Data: Book One. Jacob Whaler. August 2013. The Armchair Publisher. March 2013. 553 pp. Kindle e-book ISBN #: B00EQEF2LI.

It’s a techno-dystopian time in which the world runs by innovative gadgets like the Mesh, a more secretive version of the Internet; a Jax phone which can be protected from any intruder and which can track every user; and more. But the world isn’t a better place and there are those who not only realize it but also are attempting to do something about it.  If intentions were worth money, the antagonists in this novel would be millionaires. But what good would that do when money and technology are seen as the enemy.  Mikhal Ryzaard is one such do-gooder.  An enigma of a man, he is over 120 years old, the possessor of a specific stone which is part of his non-aging process.  The stone when combined with meditation enables him to predict stock trading prices and outcomes.  He has managed to not only combine two companies into one that he now runs but also knows how to appeal to listeners and viewers.  Yes he wishes to entrap as many as he can for training on how to live in his perfect world he is planning to create. But now an enemy appears on the scene with another stone and Ryzaard’s plans will come to naught unless he is able to capture this stone and eliminate the enemy – not so easy though as each stone quickly bonds with its owner!

Matt and Kent Newmark are a close team.  Kent is constantly protecting his son, an automatic reflex after his wife and Matt’s mother was cruelly assassinated for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Now Matt and Kent are the object of a huge manhunt but they are far too smart and too laden with innovative gadgets that protect them. Yes, they have to change identities constantly but they always keep one step ahead of the hoods who really aren’t as smart as they think.

The stones have special qualities such as time jumping, freezing time, and more.  Matt’s stone has a special quality which involves a woman, energy and more.  Ryzaard wants his stone and will destroy Matt to get it.  But Matt is a lot more savvy than even his father imagined.  He learns more about the stone than Ryzaard has with his own stone for years. A professor helps him in the process and warns him to be alert to the danger lurking so close to them both.  Matt’s stone protects him but that doesn’t mean that fierce battles occur many, many times.  For Ryzaard’s goal is to “save” mankind from its own evil and destruction; one small scene in which he shares his goal is a flip back to Orwell’s 1984, hardly appealing to say the least.

Matt and his girlfriend Jen are in the middle of this battle and the reader will not be one iota disappointed because new features of this ancient technology are featured at pivotal, tense moments.

Stones Data is a technological thriller rich with ancient lore, paranormal feats, and a terrific plot about how contemporary, highly sophisticated data is merged with ancient powers.  Grand read and exciting as well, especially knowing that more will follow about this strange but exhilarating plot and dynamic characters.  Very nicely done, Jacob Whaler! Highly recommended!

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