Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hotshot: A Novel by Julie Garwood

Hotshot: A Novel. Julie Garwood. Penguin Books (USA). August 2013. 368 pp. pbk. ISBN #: 9780525953012.

Peyton Lockhart seems like the most unlucky young woman in the world!  Her career is exemplary, as she has graduated from a notable culinary French school, and she is immediately hired by a culinary magazine.  Now before that, she could have written a book about all the loser dates she suffered through but she’s got a spunky attitude about it all and doesn’t let it break her formidable spirit!

Now she wonders when she gets to her new job location why everyone in the office is staring at her with either pity or downright hostility.  Turns out her new boss is sexual harasser of the worst kind and it doesn’t take Peyton long to discover she’s his next obsessive goal.  But when she tries to do anything about it, things begin to turn very, very ugly!

So imagine her surprise when Finn McBain shows up and takes an interest in her latest dilemma.  For her old boss had his goons follow her by car and they are attempting to physically harm her.  Finn is a childhood flame she loved whom she worshipped when he swam in the Olympics; he’s gorgeous looking, an FBI agent and obviously successful at everything he does.  So what will it be like now an adult Peyton meets him and has to accept his help and possibly even more?  And is he ready for more?

Add to the plot an opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to co-own Bishop’s Cove, a summer resort, spoiled by her jealous cousin’s attempt to sabotage everything she does as a great cook and manager. 

Passion wears several faces in this crime, romance, and mystery novel all wrapped up in one intriguing story.  Julie Garwood is a familiar, popular romance writer who knows how to mix up the spicy, flaming sex scenes with thrills of crime and life-death situations for any reader! Very teasing, sexy, funny, engaging, and smartly crafted! Enjoy every page! Well worth the cost!

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