Thursday, May 30, 2013

Haven Creek - A Cavanaugh Island Novel by Rochelle Alers

Haven Creek: A Cavanaugh Island Novel.  Rochelle Alers. Grand Central Publishing.  May 2013. 448 pp. hbk. ISBN #: 9781455501397.

Morgan Dane is a sharp, skilled, professional architect who’s landed a job to restore historic Angels Landing Plantation.  As she left her family’s business to do this, some in the town aren’t happy with her forwardness.  But Morgan knows what she wants, that is until she meets a carpenter, Nat (Nathaniel) Shaw.  She wants to hire him to help her with the restoration project and wants to keep it purely business with no relationship problems that will spoil the business side of it. Morgan has lost a former love to another woman and was so wounded from the process that she’s got an armor-like veneer when it comes to any male talking to her outside of business. Still there’s a huge hole and need for love but will it be filled by someone worthwhile and sincere? Whether either likes it or not, ittle by little, Morgan and Nat are drawing closer, beginning with admiration for each other’s work.  Soon, they find they’re always thinking of each other, including how physically hot each one is to the other!

Nat’s got a history holding him back, being married to a celebrity with money and finding the high maintenance and partying life can’t hide the lack of love his wife really felt for him. But at the time he thought it was perfect, despite his father’s and other town people’s cautionary words.  Now he’s burnt out from it all and therefore extremely hesitant mentally toward a new romance, even though his heart and body are screaming otherwise when Morgan comes to mind or in her actual presence!

Some secrets remain to be handled one at a time. Past attitudes about former family weddings tend to put ideas in the mind that could seriously affect one’s future relationship.  But Morgan and Nat are growing because of the love they finally admit, including by the way, some ultra-hot sexy scenes they share.  Shedding the old destructive skins of the past, they will eventually decide that the future is not always a repetition of the past, as long as one understands what went wrong with that past. 
Haven Creek is a lovely, warm-hearted romance sure to please those who love a happily-ever-after style ending!  Nicely done, Rochelle Alers!

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