Friday, November 23, 2012

A Highlander for Christmas by Paula Quinn

A Highlander for Christmas. Paula Quinn. Grand Central Publishing.  October 2012. 80 pp.  ISBN #: 9781455523757.

Finlay Grant is determined to wed the love of his life. As he is a super-handsome bard of the MacGregor clan and a charmer to be sure, the task seems simple. Yet history is a major obstacle because the family of Leslie Harrison considers him and his family "enemies" of England.  So he is first warned off her and Leslie is told she is betrothed to another, an arrangement that both repulses her and yet is complicated because it involves the future safety and well-being of her own mother. This is decision of the heart complicated by two different types of love, neither one to be treated lightly!

So Finn does something that won't ignore the hazards of either plight.  No, no spoilers here!  You must read this short but passionately tension-ridden tale to discover that there are ways around some historical, familial debacles that are more than worth the struggles and some familial or clan rifts are just "old habits" that need to be broken!

A Highlander for Christmas is a delightful holiday tale that is both fierce adventure story and lovely romance exemplifying the celebration of love under the season's holly and mistletoe! Thrilling and charming!

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