Thursday, October 18, 2012

A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What by Louis Koster

A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What. Louis Koster. Morgan James Publishing. October 2012. 232 pp. ISBN No. 9781614483533.

Imagine for a moment if you were less affected, less stressed out, by the inner and external voices describing some past or present failure on the part of anyone or even you!  It might be an external failure and it might be an inner weakness.  Louis Koster has written a book in which he states it’s a choice to confirm these lies in speech and thought, thereby cementing their disastrous outcomes and perpetuating a similar run into the future.  Or what about if you could come to a point where you truly knew there is nothing to fear but fear itself?  Louis Koster proposes some credible strategies that he claims will lead you to precisely what he claims in the title – a new language that guarantees happiness and peace at all times.  He insists - Break the cycle and live a new language for life!

Koster initially describes the course of his own life as a person who had some noble objectives in becoming a med student, goals that were eventually shattered by the farce he knew he was living.  Recognizing the farce and unable to forgive himself for rejecting society’s expectations, he set off for Europe where he began a momentous inner journey that would change his life forever.  The rest of this book outlines what he learned and tested with time and challenges along the way while he was doing outstanding medical work to the needy throughout the world.

What does this involve? It basically focuses on recognizing that “I” am the source of everything I say, think or do.  I choose to believe in a certain outlook and that choice can mean working at “being” or working at “misery.”  Tough choice?  Yet it seems to actually be so since so few make it.  It means one can trust that life is good even in the middle of events that seem the exact opposite of that goodness. This point is the crux of the author’s story for here is when all well-intentioned choices meet the crucible of reality.  Yet the author finds just as much joy in his new lifestyle (mentally and emotionally) that the reader can definitely sense in its appealing invitation.

There is much, much more in this book that one should read slowly and meditatively, stopping to ponder each page rather than rushing through it like a thriller.  This is a thriller in a sense that far exceeds the fleeting ups and downs of adrenaline-pumping highs that evolve from a life directed by others.  Again, imagine a thrilling but serene life in you are the source of being living a life that is indeed good and fulfilling, without the drama!  Highly recommended!

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