Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Trouble with Voodoo by Kristi Ahlers

The Trouble With Voodoo. (The Trouble Series). Kristi Ahlers. Tirgearr Publishing. May 2012. Sold by all major e-book sites. 153 KB.

Ashley Quinn is having dreams that are both haunting and traumatizing dreams about a terrible heartbreak.  When she awakes she knows that it has happened to her.  She soon makes the connection that the bookstore she has bought in the French quarter of New Orleans is haunted!

Ashley had been warned by the realtor and a psychic that she was renting, a message she scorned initially.  Now books are flying off the shelves and she's falling in love with Royce Kingston, an 18th century debonair guy who is breaking hearts left and right until he does it one to many times.

Now he's locked in time and Ashley's dreams transport her to that time in which her heart is broken, over and over on a nightly basis.  Now she knows the only way to heal her own heart is to free the man who broke hers?

Sound confusing - it seems so at first.  But then we realize that Ashley must truly find what it is about this sexy, swashbuckling guy that makes a gal lose her head and heart, even against her own best interests.  She'll also meet a voodoo woman who has had enough of watching Royce's cold, callous behavior toward woman.

Perhaps all will learn the real power of voodoo to change lives as well as the troubles when voodoo and love collide!

This romance novel is marked by just the right balance of heartache, sexy passion, and haunting mysterious effects and affects to create a credible plot as well as tension and fire in every reader! So far this reviewer has found this novel to be the best in a notable "Trouble Series."  Nicely done!

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