Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Chance Bride by Hope Ramsay

Last Chance Bride. Hope Ramsay. September 2012. Published by Forever Yours and sold by Hachette Book Group. 63 pages. Sold at all major e-book retailers.

Stone and Sharon are an “item” in town.  Everyone has their future predicted, it seems.  But all of a sudden, a head-on collision occurs! 

For Stone doesn’t want to do what his family desires, go to college. Instead he’s enlisted in the Marines and wants to tell his love, Sharon, before his family. What will happen to that perfect future they had both talked about – sharing a room and college life before they married, far off in the future of course?
Sharon is making lists, lists, and more lists.  She intent on getting everything she needs for a cause she’s sponsoring, raising money and blood donations for a young girl hurt in an accident that left her crippled with severe spinal injuries.  Sharon wants to be a social worker, a person who makes a difference in the lives of others.  She’s also excited about attending college and has no intentions of marrying soon.  But she’s about to be shocked down to her toes to find her dreams aren’t going to progress as planned.  How will she handle it?

How will the town chatterboxes handle this change of plans?  Should Sharon and Stone mind their predictions and prophecies for the future?

Last Chance Bride is a brief fun read with some predictability but also some mystery.  It moves fast and furious toward an unexpected read and leaves some room for another novel in the future! Good read!

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