Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Allah's Revenge by Pete Barber

Allah's Revenge. Pete Barber. PJ Publishing. May 3012. 354 pp. trade paperback. ISBN #: 9780985523008.

Terrorist fiction is on the rise and Allah's Revenge is at the top of the list of a possibility that could create death and mayhem enough to destroy any nation or nations.  This plot involves the creation of a nanobot that could be used for energy production (the obvious disguise herein) but instead is used to dispense a chemical that instantly kills its victims, leaving a deadly charcoal residue.  Horrors!

The plot is simple but potent.  After the first attack on a British subway, the race is on to find both the killer and the technology that created such a viral disaster.  In the process, others will die and as usual any and all Arabs are suspect. One journalist who is an okay Arab is mistaken as such initially but then manages to reclaim freedom and vows to take down whoever is behind this insane plot.  

The goal seems almost ludicrous in the light of the devastation being unleashed, the freeing of Palestinian prisoners.  

The story gives a very good description of how a terrorist is groomed for what comes to be believed as a divine mission for Allah.  One senses the slip from rational to psychotic will and tenacity that guarantees success.

Yes, the plot for more assassinations will be foiled but it's a roller coaster ride that Pete Barber crafts to rivet the reader and create tension and an almost sick feeling as the story progresses.

Nicely done, Pete Barber and may it never happen in reality!

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