Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes: A Muses of Mayfair Novel by Sara Ramsey

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes: A Muses of Mayfair Novel. Sara Ramsey.  Published by Sara Ramsey. April 2012.  326 pages paperback or e-book.  ISBN #: 9781938312014.

Miss Prudence Etchingham must marry soon or she and her mother, the tough Lady Harcastle, will be penniless and perhaps Prudence will need to seek work as a governess. But she's as nervous as a twit and not so comforted by her best friend, Lady Amelia Staunton, as they are introduced to fellow diners before a meal that will supposedly begin the match that will save Prudence's favorless future.  Imagine everyone's discomfort when Prudence is unable to emit any response that evening than what is tantamount to a "squeak" at every comment and question.  Amelia, on the other hand, gasps at her first sight of Laird Malcolm McCabe, a man who looks every inch a duplicate of his sexy, Scottish warrior ancestor.  And Malcolm as well feels the lightning strike as well!

Amelia has a raging, inner battle.  Faithful to her friend's needs, she attempts to rebuff Malcolm's advances and shift his attention to Prudence.  But Malcolm was so turned off to that initial meeting that he has no intention of wedding Prudence, although he too has pressing needs which he needs to fulfill if his own future destiny in Parliament is to bear lucrative results!  He experiences consternation when after writing to his friend, Ferguson, he receives a response about the possibility of a match with Amelia, "Do  not marry the harpy!"

The attraction between Amelia and Malcolm escalates into a scene when both are confronted in a serious embrace by Amelia's brother and Prudence.  You can't even imagine the results of this stunning scene, however Malcolm is a very stubborn and passionate man even though he doesn't realize how besotted he is over Amelia!

Malcolm is presented as an interesting character who deeply cares for his Scottish tenants and is upset enough to be determined to help them in their growing, dire financial straits.  A devastating fire will show his true mettle with the second passion he most definitely possesses!

Amelia, by the way, has her own deep, dark secret that eventually might be exposed with life-threatening repercussions.  It's worth the wait to see where her desire to be great in one area yields results that move her beyond her own self-regard and anonymity! 

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes is an enjoyable read because of the ease that Sara Ramsey poses the simple yet complexly interlaced story conflicts.  Romance scenes are titillating and steamy hot along with the occasional spats between the hero and heroine.  Very nicely done, Ms. Ramsey!

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