Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Book of Lost Fragrances by M. J. Rose

The Book of Lost Fragrances. M. J. Rose. Atria Books. March 2012. 384 pages. ISBN #: 9781451621303.

Rob and Jac L'Etoile are brother and sister inheritors of the famous House of L'Etoile perfume manufacturers and sellers. But their interest lies far beyond just selling appealing perfumes and colognes. For the family has many secrets, all going back centuries when it was believed that a perfume existed that could lead one into past life regression. This, however, is not always such an appealing experience, as Jac experiences, one she and others believe is a touch of psychotic episodes that are seen as an illness and not a special talent.

For that reason, Jac has turned to the world of mythology, producing credible and magical stories for television audiences and Robby, a dedicated Buddhist, has returned to his great love of the spiritual world. The House of Etoile, however, is in dire financial condition, and Robby's involvement with some discovered pottery shards filled with a strange scent and hieroglyphic writings plunges the reader into a thriller plot laced with the Dalai Llama, the Mafia, governments, and others greedy for control of the mind.

No spoilers here; there is so much more in this thriller story that will rivet the reader's attention. Sometimes there's a bit of excessive repetition but just when one thinks that, a startling turn of events makes the reader amazed and unwilling to put the book (or e-book) down. There is some factual truth behind this story which is even more intriguing!

M. J. Rose has written a terrific adventure/thriller/mystery account that in many ways is also excellent historical fiction! Well done, indeed, M. J. Rose!!!

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