Thursday, December 29, 2011

The First Rule of Ten - A Tenzing Norbu Mystery by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

The First Rule of Ten: A Tenzing Norbu Mystery. Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay. Hay House, Inc.  January 2012. 312 pages. ISBN #: 9781401937768.

We meet Tenzing Norbu on a very bad day! He has been grazed by a bullet and he knows if he keeps it up, he'll be dead and definitely off the road to enlightenment that he has been following for years since he was a Tibetan monk. His life is turned even more upside down when a woman shows up in front of his home. She's a former druggie and cult follower now looking for an old friend, Zimmy. Ten, as he's called, puts her off and she sadly leaves, followed the next day by a messenger who announces she's been murdered. Ten's overwhelmed, to say the least and wonders why he's so off-track in being attuned to the whole person in front of him that he missed something wrong or chose to ignore the faint glimmer that might have saved her life - or might not have!

The rest of the novel is a complex journey and mystery in which Ten explores quite a few obnoxious and shady characters associated with the cult, some very prosperous businessmen who seem to have a rather unique interest in the land owned by the cult and that owned by its neighbors, some innocent neighbors who seem to be falling prey to some lethal diseases and medical problems, and of course those who are assisting Ten with his research and technological needs.

Add to that a soulful cat, Tank, and a pretty new girlfriend who begins to care but is put off very quickly by Ten's brusque occasional responses - but still hangs around...

Change happens and how does one flow with the ups and downs of those vicissitudes without losing one's cool or as Ten would put it, flowing with the connections, dealing with the paradoxes, caring without getting in the way?

To say more would be unfair, but this is a grand read that is fun, wise, thrilling, and quite different from the stereotypical mystery novel. This reviewer absolutely loved it and can't wait to read the next book in the series!!! Great story!

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