Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Winter Discovery by Michael Baron

A Winter Discovery. Michael Baron. The Story Plant. November 2011. 60 pp. pbk. ISBN #: 9781611880274.

Reese Rubato and his family are characters returning from Michael Baron's earlier work, When You Went Away. Reese doesn't miss much and has a million questions as every 5 year-old boy does. For now, it's winter and Christmas is approaching. He misses his Mom or one should more correctly say he misses not knowing her. But all of a sudden something happens that makes him realize she's not far away at all. Yes, it's a gooey feeling it creates inside him but one he loves and cherishes every time it happens.

This is a very brief story that is unusually free of tense conflict but is no less charming and thrilling for that absence. Reese's Dad and step-Mom are very patient and loving with Reese, and the family enjoys the preparations for the big holiday with humor, seriousness, and obvious care.

Reese is going to have the most memorable Christmas possible but until then enjoy reading about snowflakes, living snowmen, and so much more. Michael Baron knows how to touch every emotion a reader could experience and the feeling one gets is after having a satisfying and delicious meal!!! Exquisite story, Michael Baron!

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