Saturday, January 1, 2011

Promise Canyon: A Virgin River Novel (#11) by Robyn Carr

Promise Canyon: A Virgin River Novel (#11) by Robyn Carr. MIRA Books. January 2011. 352 pp. ISBN #: 9780778329213.

Recently divorced and needing some space from his past life, Clay Tahoma is excited about working as a farrier and vet technician in northern California. He'll be working with a respected vet and near his sister, Ursula, who lives in a nearby town and always has a warm welcome and dinner place for Clay. Proud of his Navajo roots and traditions, Clay is about to be surprised by a challenging and unusually talented woman.

Lilly Yazhi's got a way with horses, even more so than Clay, whom rumor has it is a bit of a "horse whisperer." Lilly and Clay meet very soon after his arrival in Virgin River, and the sparks are flying but not necessarily favorably. Is it her Hopi background the problem with their lack of connection? She has to admit Clay is "drop-dead gorgeous," but her experience of Native American men projects the opinion that good looks mean heartbreak.

Two unique horses draw Clay and Lilly together, one severely sick and one dysfunctional from some mysterious and traumatic past event. Blue and Streak have characteristics that parallel the attitudes and behavior of their caretakers. Are all broken beyond hope or is there some link that just might erode those blocks in all?

Promise Canyon has some just as interesting sub-plots involving a deceased woman's legacy to the town, a woman's desperate attempt to reclaim Clay, and a family deeply affected by a severe accident that keep the action and conflicts flowing in a tense yet manageable way.

Robyn Carr is a uniquely talented romance writer. She manages to write about Native American issues with a realistic yet gentle way that implies her obviously respect for their traditions and values. Likewise, her characters are sexy, passionate, and sensitive in an admirable way that magnifies our appreciation of these very wonderful Virgin River people.

Promise Canyon, the eleventh Virgin River novel, is a must read which this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed and highly, highly recommends!

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