Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rich and Lost in Prosperia: A Tropical Tale of Market Economics by Doramas Jorge-Calderon

Rich and Lost in Prosperia: A Tropical Tale of Market Economics. Mill City Press, Inc. April 2010. 296 pp. ISBN No. 9781936107728.

This most unusual novel begins with two men, Richy and Losto, who decide to begin a small business in handcrafts and music respectively. They know absolutely nothing about business and are initially only interested in making enough money to have an easy life. But as their inquiry and start-up businesses begin growing, they are about to discover that many elements contribute to economic success and that that flows over to affect numerous individuals who either produce or purchase products.

So begins this economic novel, which explains the complex world of business in a readable, clear manner. As the chapters progress, Richy learn that value comes from scarcity rather than having a surplus of products, that value comes from the worth of a product which transfers to all who contribute to its production, that producers will make what brings the highest profit rather than what sells the most in quantity, that trust is absolutely necessary and cannot be guaranteed without some type of controls, and so much more.

Yes, one must even plan on those who would cheat, those who would monopolize as well as who is legally able to do that and who is not and how that is achieved, those who seek and make subsidies for certain products that actually drive up the price for said products, and on and on and on.

For those entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up a new business or even those who are in business and finding they need to learn more in order to be successful, this is the book for you. It actually would be a great idea for all consumers to buy this book so as to understand the forces of economy that push the cycle of production, sales, profit, value, scarcity, and so many other economic factors usually taken for granted by the average non-business oriented consumer. All in all, this is market economics for everyman!

Very nicely done, Doramas Jorge-Calderon!

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